Anonymous: hi, i love ur imagines! can u give me a link to all ur imagines so i can read them all? thanks :) and sorry to bother u .

its on my blog! in the tags section

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Anonymous: I'd never stop watching teen wolf but I can stare at my screen and yell curse words in different languages if I see more Allison and Isaac 😾📺


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Anonymous: The Allison/Isaac scene is stopping me from watching season 3 because GOSH DANG IT SHE TRIED TO KILL HIM ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS WHY IS EVERYONE FORGIVING HER SO EASILY


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Imagine #10

Plot: Isaac and you are going to spend the night together, and he suggests you guys finally do it, and it’s your first time. [Mature Content] *Requested


Your legs were wrapped around Isaac’s waist and he held you from your bottom holding you tightly, as you both shared a passionate kiss. Isaac walked in to your room, closing the door behind with his leg, becoming more and more eager for you. Without breaking the kiss, he laid you down on the bed with him on top, his hands in yours pinning you down. He broke the kiss and his lips were pressed against your jaw, and then he started leaving rough kisses on your neck as he released one of his hands from yours and slid it down your body, stopping at your waist line. He hesitated but slowly slid his hand up your shirt, his cold finger tips against your warm skin sending shivers down your spine. His head was buried in your shoulder, as he kept sucking and kiss on your sweet spot which was near your pulse, and his curls were brushing against your jawline. “I-Isaac..” you nervously said as you put your hand over his hand which was inside your shirt on your rib cage. Isaac lifted his head up to look at you, he removed his hand and sighed softly, “I think we should do it now.” he softly said as his hand reached for yours. He took your hand in his and brought it close to his lips, and kissed your hand. “Please?” he said, his sparkling blue eyes staring in to yours. You hesitated, but then nodded as a smile appeared on Isaac’s face. You smiled back, and he leaned in to kiss you and you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him closer. You could already feel his erection against you, and his grip tightened around you a bit. He pulled away from the kiss, and you loosened your hold of him. He slipped his white v-neck shirt over his head and threw it aside, grinning as he did, he went back to hovering on top of you, he placed a soft kiss on your neck, right underneath your ear. “Your turn.” he whispered, as he slowly started sliding your shirt up. You helped him out, and pulled your shirt over you, and threw it aside, where Isaac’s shirt was. Isaac leaned in to kiss you and softly ran his lips down your neck and to your collarbones while he started to take off your bra straps. He ran his hands to your back as you arched it and then he unclasped your bra, slid it off and put it aside. He smiled at the view of you, it was his first time seeing you like this, he leaned in and planted a soft kiss behind your earlobe, as you moved your head sideways so he could have better access to your neck. He continued kissing down your neck, along your collarbones until he found your soft spot which was right underneath your pulse. He placed a rough kiss on it, his teeth against your smooth skin. You let out a quiet moan, your hands making your way to his hair. He took that as a sign you liked it, and pressed his lips against your neck again, you could feel his tongue against your skin. He slowly started sucking on it, his teeth against your skin. You ran your fingers through his curls, tugging on them as he started to suck on your neck more and more roughly. Once he pulled away there was a dark red/purple hickey on your neck, and a small grin appeared as he saw it. You turned your head to look at him and he leaned in to kiss you. He placed his hand on your thigh and slowly slid it up to your waist line. Breaking the kiss, he removed your shorts along with your panties and threw them aside and then removed his own jeans and boxers. He kissed you again as your hands wrapped around his back. He pulled away from the kiss but was still leaning close to you, your lips almost touching, “Ready?” he asked. You nodded and your pulse started to increase, only because you were nervous. “Hey..” Isaac whispered as he stroked your cheek softly, “I promise I’m not gonna hurt you, okay?” he said. You nodded and smiled a little. He leaned in and kissed you as you held on to him. You both continued kissing each other, and then you felt him slide inside you. You held on to him tightly, as he pulled away from the kiss, burying his head in your neck. He slowly started thrusting in and out of you and you could feel his warm breath against your shoulder as his grip tightened on you. You were starting to let out moans, breathing heavily as well while Isaac thrusted faster. Isaac pressed his lips against your neck and kissed down up until your collarbones and then back up your jawline. After you both reached your climax, you both were breathless. Isaac got off of you, and laid down next to you, pulling you closer by wrapping his arms around you. He reached for your hand and intertwined your fingers. “This..was perfect.” He said smiling as he leaned in and planted a soft kiss on your cheek. You snuggled close to him, “Yeah, it was..” you replied. He stroked your hair until you both fell sound asleep.


I was having problems with this imagine not showing up so it’s a repost. xx

Anonymous: Ugh finally someone understands! I thought everybody shipped Isaac/Allison, personally I don't like it. I love Allison it's just her and Scott (I feel) were cute and had something.

Yeah, agreeed!

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anythingforfood: You didn't like the Isaac/Allison seen either? I really hope they don't become a couple. This ship must sink. xD

Lol yes it should. :D

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parksunyoung5: Do you have a lot of requests?

Yes but I’m still open to them. :)

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Anonymous: Glad someone else didn't like the Isaac/Allison scene. Personally I still haven't forgiven her for stabbing him in season 2, but to each their own I guess.

Hahah same! And a lot of people don’t ship them! 

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Anonymous: where is your sidebar gif from?

Orny Adam’s vine. 

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Anonymous: Isaac an Scott threesome imagine for Y/N please :)

Working on it :)

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