Imagine #13

Plot: Liam is having hallucations about the berserkers and you comfort him. [Mature Content] *Liam’s POV 

I held the light switch in my hand, staring at it nervously. 

"Liam..close the light." I heard (Y/N) say as she turned towards me and put her arm around my waist. 

"Yeah..I just.." I let out a soft sigh and closed the light. I put my hand over (Y/N)’s hand which was resting on my chest. 

I wondered if she could feel how fast my heart was beating, probably not. She didn’t have to deal with all this supernatural crap and I don’t want her to. Which is why I haven’t even told her about..anything. I keep hallucinating about these beserkers and I have to lie to her every time, claiming that I’m tired, or my IED is kicking in or something. 

I closed my eyes and as soon as I did. They were there.

I quickly sat up, breathing heavy. I turned on the light.

"They’re not here..not here..not here.." I chanted to myself.

"Liam?! What’s wrong?" (Y/N) asked startled and confused. 

She took her hand in mine, “What’s going on? This isn’t the first time this has happened…” she said quietly, running her hands through my hair. 

"I..I told you. My I.E.D, it just..makes me nervous and..just forget it. Go back to sleep." I replied.

"No. If you’re not going to tell me what’s really wrong, then at least tell me how I can help?” she asked. 

"I’m fine. Let’s just go to sleep, okay?" I reply.

We both lied down with my arm wrapped around her. She snuggled close to my chest and again I found myself staring at the ceiling, thinking about the past week. 

"Liam?" I heard (Y/N) say as she looked up at me.

Before I could reply she pressed her lips against mine. 

I pull away slowly, “What was that for?” I ask, stroking her cheek.

"To help you." She simply replied and kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and then rolled over so I was on top of her. 

I ran my hands down her chest to the hem of her shirt, sliding my hand inside. She pulled away from the kiss. 

"We’re wearing too much clothing, aren’t we?" She said biting her lip with a slight smirk.

I let out a small laugh, “Damn right.” I replied and then pulled my shirt off, throwing it aside. I kissed her again, more eagerly this time. I ran my hand down her body, and then stopped at her thigh. 

I pulled away from the kiss and brushed my lips along her jawline to her neck. I left several rough kisses all over neck, sucking and biting, which were definitely going to leave a mark. I placed my hand at the hem of her shirt and pulled away, taking off her shirt. 

I brushed my lips along  her exposed collarbone, moving up along her neck making my way to her lips.

I slid my hand on her thigh and started tugging at her shorts and underwear. I pulled them down and she quickly kicked them off. I undressed myself and eagerly kissed her again.

Her hands slid up my bare back as I moved my lips down her neck.

I placed myself at her entrance, gave her a quick peck on the lips. “I love you.” I quietly say.

"I love you too." she replied.

I leaned in and kissed her as I entered her. Her grip on me tightened and she dug her nails in to my back. She had her back arched, letting out soft moans. 

My breathing became became heavier as I quickened my thrusts. I kissed her again but more passionately with my hands sliding up her sides, tracing my finger tips along her ribs.

Her nails slid down my back, probably leaving deep marks. Good thing those will heal otherwise changing in the locker-room where others could see would tease me about it all day.

I pulled out of her after we both climaxed. I broke the kiss and lyed down beside her. 

"Well, that definitely made me feel a lot better." I said, wrapping my around her, smiling.

She let out a small laugh as she snuggled close to my chest, placing her hand on it. “Good, cause that’s exactly what I was going for.” 


This is what poorly written smut is. This. ^

Idk, but after so many requests for Liam smut, here you go!

I’ve had this in my drafts since Monday night after the episode, I just kept forgetting to post it. Anyways, keep requesting here. :)

Anonymous: Any plans on doing any Stiles imagines? I love your blog by the way, one of the best teen wolf imagine blogs out there xxx

Thank you! 

I currently have just one Stiles request, which is unbelievable lol.

But I will write that request as soon as I’m done with all the Liam ones. :)

Anonymous: Liammmmmmmmm is bae


Anonymous: Girl, people should let other wrote what they want to write, specially if they are talented like you are. Love your imagines, can't wait to read the ones coming up :)

Thank you! :)

Anonymous: Hi! love your writing :) but I had a question: do you write Liam Dunbar smut?

Yes. I’m working on some smut imagines for him. :)

Okay so I’ve tried making a part 2 for imagine #12, but I have no ideas what should happen.

So feel free to give some ideas please! :) 

Anonymous: Can you do a continued version of imagine #12 the alternate too hot one :)

Hmm, yeah. It felt incomplete anyway. :)

Imagine #12

Plot: Liam and you decide to play Too Hot. (Alternative Version) [Sort of mature content?] *POV of Liam.

"Again? I lost again?!" I said in disbelief, staring at the TV screen which read You Lose in big bold letters which made it even worse. 

I turned my head to see (Y/N) laughing as she put her game controller down. “Wow, you are literally no competition. I basically feel like I could win at any game against you.” she confidently said with a smirk on her face. 

I opened my mouth to say something but she beat me to it. “Except Lacrosse. Other than that, I win at everything.” 

I let out a small laugh. “So I just have one advantage over you. Lacrosse.”

She nodded, “That’s it. Just lacrosse.” She started to wrap the wires around the game controllers and tidy up. I helped by picking up the bag of chips and soda cans lying on the floor.

It was our typical Friday night. Watch a movie, play a game or just hang out while eating junk food. I looked over at her turning off the play-station. She was putting a loose strand of hair behind her ear and then she bit her bottom lip. 

That was enough to send me over the edge. Of course, I have never told her how much desire I had for her. I couldn’t risk our friendship but at the same time I was gonna grab her by the waist and kiss her to my hearts content. That’s when the idea came to me.

"Hey, you know…there may be one more advantage that I have against you." I said, walking towards her.

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh really? What is it?” She asked crossing her arms. 

I hesitated but finally took the risk. “Too hot.” I replied, licking my lips. I made my way to my bed and sat down on the edge, awaiting her reaction.

Her smile slightly faded and her expression showed a surprised emotion. I decided to use something Scott had recently taught me which was to focus my sense of sound. So I focused it on her heart beat.

It was gradually increasing. She was nervous. Extremely nervous. 

"Are you serious?" She replied, biting her lip. She came towards me and sat right in front of me.

I looked at her lips and nodded, “Yeah…it’ll be fun. And the winner gets whatever they want” I said, trailing off. 

I just wanted her to agree already so that I could kiss her already. 

"Okay, fine. Prepare to lose once again." She replied with a smirk as she sat at the center of the bed, crossing her legs.

"Don’t get your hopes up." I replied and leaned closer to her. 

I brushed my lips against hers and then kissed her. This felt perfect, almost like a dream. I wanted to put my arms around her and I almost did but I stopped myself. I had to win. I had to win so that maybe I could ask her on a date or something of that sort.

Moments passed, and we were passionately kissing with the exception of touching. Until I felt (Y/N)’s hands travel up my stomach to my shoulders and then around my neck. I couldn’t help but grin in between the kiss.

I pulled away slowly. We were both out of breath. “I told you…I have another advantage against you.” I said quietly, still leaning close to her. 

She sighed and buried her head in my shoulders, obviously a bit shy of losing and because of what we’ve done. “Well?” she replied, lifting her head up again. “What does the winner want?” she asked, wrapping her arms around my neck. 

"This." I said and leaned in and kissed her again, slowly laying her down on the bed with me hovering above her.


So it was requested to do an alternative version and in Liam’s perspective. Hope you liked it. I really enjoy writing Liam imagines, they’re like the easiest lol, maybe it’s just me. Thank you for reading. :)

Anonymous: I know!! They were so cute and I like Kira a lot but it's not the same as with Allison probably cause she hasn't appeared so much, but still.

Yeah, but she’s been here for about 1 1/2 seasons. I guess some people need some more time to like her and all. :)

Anonymous: I freaking love your liam smut and I'm British so 16 is legal here anyway;)

Lol thank you.